To be the preferred service provider in the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment in the Western Cape

Mission Statement

To provide specialised and fully accredited substance abuse prevention as well as out-patient treatment services, by a multi-disciplinary team, to the communities of the Western Cape.

Our goal is to render substance abuse prevention and treatment services which are geared towards creating and reinforcing healthy behaviour and lifestyle changes. This entails taking action at three levels:

  • Primary prevention, which necessitates taking action to build resilience and prevent substance abuse problems before they occur. This proactive prevention initiative focuses on altering both the individual and the community through awareness programmes and developmental services. Focused capacity building and training of individuals and communities to assist with the implementation of primary prevention programmes take place under the supervision of professional staff;
  • Secondary prevention initiatives focus on high-risk groups such as youth and abused women and include persons in the workplace with educational and life skills intervention programmes. The aim of secondary prevention programmes is to reduce the severity of the consequences of substance abuse before it become more serious. This include training of volunteers and professionals such as social workers, educators and nursing staff;
  • Tertiary prevention is directed at clients who presented with a developed substance abuse problem. This programme offers a comprehensive assessment, individual treatment plan and a treatment programme to the substance abuser, their families and collaterals.