Peer Counselling Training

The Peer Counselling Training and Supervision Programme, an important component of the Youth Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness initiative, continues to be a much-needed programme for young people, especially in high-risk communities. Prospective peer counsellors, usually senior learners at school or youth leaders from the community, volunteer to attend an intensive two-day training programme which equips them with the skills, ability and confidence to counsel and render support to their fellow peers, encouraging them to seek treatment for substance abuse and other problems they may be experiencing.

SANCA Western Cape, in partnership with the Department of Social Development, successfully trained 34 volunteers from Atlantis, Delft, Khayelitsha and Mfuleni in the past year. Upon the completion of the rigorous training programme, peer counsellors were then monitored and supervised to render support services to no fewer than 2,000 of their peers.

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